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Stick!Winchester video : Time is On My Side
acme54 wrote in spn_stick_it

Vidler ~ Youtube ~ @SVS ~

Title: Time is on my side (3:15)
Vidder: acme54
Music: In The House - In A Heartbeat ~ John Murphy

Summary: Stick!Winchester's version of Supernatural 3:15. Recap.
Warnings: Bad drawings.

Length: 4:17
Size: 30MB

Took me ages to do that. I thought it would be a short one. Not so much. The drawings aren't as good as I would like. Think I might try working in pen again. Pencils never stay sharp enough. That's my excuse for rubbish stickmen, and intend to hide behind it!

Things I liked: The music, Chloroforming stickmen
Things I didn't: Wanted more colour.

Quick question....
Do Sam and Dean carry around blow up dolls for any other reason, other than to get motel beds riddled with bullet holes?

Comments will bring on the end of the world as you know it a gag reel special!!
BELA: Dean listen, I need help.
DEAN: Sweetheart, we are weeks past help.


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