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Stick!Tiger : Sooper secret Supernatural vidlet
acme54 wrote in spn_stick_it

Video Title: Stick!Tiger
Song: Eye of the tiger
Artist: Survivor
Summary: Stick!winchesters presents Jensen Ackles and the funny bit at the end of Yellow Fever

Length: 1:21
File Size: 4.9MB

Find it on : Zshare ~ Youtube
Will make public in a week. You get a preview! Lucky lucky you!
Ok. Live early. Enjoy

"That was honestly a fluke that lasted longer than it probably should have. It really was. Jared decided not to come in when he was supposed to. I kind’ve knew the words to the song and I thought it would be funny to just mouth some of the words.
The cameras kept rolling so I kept going."~ Jensen

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Oh that's a crack up!!
HA!! Cool idea hun. Love the way it starts with just the one line popping up! And the way he plays his stick leg!


(Put it on YT!)

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