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Run for it



The where to be, when all you can draw is stickmen

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Stick!Yellow Fever : Supernatural vid
acme54 wrote in spn_stick_it

Yellow Fever

Viddler ~ @SVS ~ @Supernaturalvid ~
Master List

Video Title: Stick!Yellow Fever
Song: Owner of a Lonely Heart
Artist: Yes
Summary: Stick!Dean gets a case of ghost sickness. Sam and Bobby have to save him before he goes mad and his heart explodes.

Length: 4:12
File Size: 31MB

OK. Took a different aproach to this one. Watched the ep through twice. Went looking for a script. Took the text I wanted to use and built a structure round that.
Now there is NO law subplot. Still kinda makes sense.
Then I did a couple of scenes at a time. Usually I draw the whole lot then do editing. The doing in sections took longer, but I like how it turned out.

Stuff that surprised me like an albino snake on the sofa:
S4 titles!
Whole ending credits!

Stuff that made me scream like I've seen a cat in a spooky lumber mill:
Could have done with being shorter somehow.
Sam shooting Luther
Youtube not liking the music. SO it's not going there!

Comments feed ma muse and you get more vids!
"Don't you remember all the fun you had down there? You do remember. 4 months is like 40 years in hell. Like doggy years. And you remember every second." ~ "Lilth"

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Yay! This was really cool hun. I enjoyed this more than I did the episode. :D :D:D

Loved the extra splashes of colour you've used and the title card was awesome!

Loved Dean's scream with the cat. Also Sam's flash of yellow in his eyes at the end!

Great song choice. Hee!! :D :D

Great fun as usual.

(Make sure you post it at supernaturalvid!)


Thanks for commenting!
I'll just head off to post on supernaturalvid Gonna be brave.(ish)
Have you seen the preview of the vidlet I did? Shhh

Gonna be brave.(ish)

Ya gotta get it out there hun!

And no I haven't seen the preview... That link says access is forbidden. Is it locked? I'd love to see it.

It's live now! Enjoy!

Love it love it love it!!! I'm reccing this on my LJ.

this is so adorable and fun -- you rock! :D

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