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Run for it



The where to be, when all you can draw is stickmen

Stick!Winchesters - First Blood
Weird out there

Stick!Winchesters - LARP vid

I really should do more of these...
Not abandoned, just resting until the world is ready.
yeah... thats what it is.
:: looks shifty ::

meantime .....there is some sort of 1911 play back option thingy on Youtube today.

Check out my Stick!Winchester video there and turn on the 1911 thing, bottom right

Stick!Winchester video : Time is On My Side

Vidler ~ Youtube ~ @SVS ~

Title: Time is on my side (3:15)
Vidder: acme54
Music: In The House - In A Heartbeat ~ John Murphy

Summary: Stick!Winchester's version of Supernatural 3:15. Recap.
Warnings: Bad drawings.

Length: 4:17
Size: 30MB

Right, a little Antiques Roadshow surgery, some uh, some organ theft. Why is this all sounding familiar?Collapse )
Comments will bring on the end of the world as you know it a gag reel special!!
BELA: Dean listen, I need help.
DEAN: Sweetheart, we are weeks past help.

Stick!Tiger : Sooper secret Supernatural vidlet

Video Title: Stick!Tiger
Song: Eye of the tiger
Artist: Survivor
Summary: Stick!winchesters presents Jensen Ackles and the funny bit at the end of Yellow Fever

Length: 1:21
File Size: 4.9MB

Find it on : Zshare ~ Youtube
Will make public in a week. You get a preview! Lucky lucky you!
Ok. Live early. Enjoy

"That was honestly a fluke that lasted longer than it probably should have. It really was. Jared decided not to come in when he was supposed to. I kind’ve knew the words to the song and I thought it would be funny to just mouth some of the words.
The cameras kept rolling so I kept going."~ Jensen

Stick!Yellow Fever : Supernatural vid

Yellow Fever

Viddler ~ @SVS ~ @Supernaturalvid ~
Master List

Video Title: Stick!Yellow Fever
Song: Owner of a Lonely Heart
Artist: Yes
Summary: Stick!Dean gets a case of ghost sickness. Sam and Bobby have to save him before he goes mad and his heart explodes.

Length: 4:12
File Size: 31MB

Howler monkeys. Whole roomful of them. Those things creep the hell out of me.Collapse )
Comments feed ma muse and you get more vids!
"Don't you remember all the fun you had down there? You do remember. 4 months is like 40 years in hell. Like doggy years. And you remember every second." ~ "Lilth"

Stick!Icons, Yellow Fever
Kill You Spooky nuttyShow OffCollapse )
Want, comment, credit, have.

"I mean, who wants this life, Sam? Huh? Seriously? Do you actually like being stuck in a car with me eight hours a day, every single day?" ~ Dean

Stick!Winchester video : Supernatural : Bad Day At Black Rock

Viddler ~ Zshare ~ YouTube ~ @SVS ~
Other Stick!Winchester vids

Length: 4:57
Size: 40MB
Song: Your Lucky Day in Hell ~ Eels
Summary: Bad Day At Black Rock in Stick!Winchester style.

Comment, rec and enjoy!

Don’t even scratch your noseCollapse )

It's like we got a contract on us. Think it's because we're so awesome? I think it's 'cause we're so awesome. ~ Dean

Stick Promo : Vid

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@acme54 ~ Youtube ~ Viddler ~ @ SVS

Title: Stickpromo
Vidder: Acme54
Song: Seven Nation Army ~ The White Stripes
Size: 8.7MB
This is where it all started with Stick!Winchesters. Way back in September 2007, it was a quick idea for the SVS challenge. Kinda got stuck in my head one saturday night.
Sam: She's living in a locked ward, and she's totally at peace.
Dean: Oh yeah, you're right. Sounds completely sane
~Houses of the Holy

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