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Stick!Winchester video : Supernatural : Bad Day At Black Rock
acme54 wrote in spn_stick_it

Viddler ~ Zshare ~ YouTube ~ @SVS ~
Other Stick!Winchester vids

Length: 4:57
Size: 40MB
Song: Your Lucky Day in Hell ~ Eels
Summary: Bad Day At Black Rock in Stick!Winchester style.

Comment, rec and enjoy!

It's been a while since I've done one of these. Still,turned out ok
I tried to make this one a bit shorter and use ALL the funny bits. Failed on some of that.
Something new for dis un, I've used none of my own handwriting(cept the title). It's much easier to draw out the scruffy stick men, when don't have to write as well. If I get round to making more, this be the way to go. Or do you think I should keep writing them?
Things I like:
Pan between Dean and Bela with the guns
More fonts!!!

Things not so good:
Loads of funny things I couldn't draw
The song matches the vid. But I think there is a better on somewhere.

It's like we got a contract on us. Think it's because we're so awesome? I think it's 'cause we're so awesome. ~ Dean

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I can't believe I missed this on my flist! I have to scroll through slower in the future.

Re: typing the speech, Definitely keep them if it's easier to do. Everything was totally legible and I kind of liked how many fonts you squeezed in. :)

You always get the highlights of the episode. I loved the elevator! And Dean's face in the fight when he ran into the gun! And Sam scratching his nose! It made me want to go rewatch the live action episode all over again.

Been a while since I made un. Understandable it would be missed.

Typing speech is made MUCH easier by copying out of transcrips online. Heh! Did you notice each character (major ones) had their own font?

Go watch it again. It's one ep that gets better every time you watch it!!

Thanks for commenting!

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